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Food Delivery App Solution Overview

To develop food delivery application is simple but to develop the one which delivers results is a challenging task. Here’s where we come in to the picture. Being an established food delivery app development company, we have helped many businesses looking to develop app like Zomato or Ubereats clone achieve what they strived for. The aspects that make a food delivery app unique include design, user friendly interface, fast loading speed, responsive and keeps the user connected with your app.


Our team has an extensive experience in designing on-demand food delivery app development solutions. Being a preferred food delivery app creator, we understand what all features of a food delivery app appeal to a user and have the required expertise to develop an app like Ubereats or Zomato clone or any other app of your choice. Our past food ordering app for restaurants have not only satisfied the clients but have also helped them gain initial funding to boost their business. So, you can gauge the potential we embrace.

Process of Food Delivery App Development

The standard process of all food ordering mobile app development is the same but it’s the approach that gives our apps an edge over their rivals in the market.

  • Idea & strategy

    Discussing your idea and the feasibility of the features you want along with an estimated turnaround time and cost involved to craft the food delivery app. We do not follow one size fits all approach and depending on your need, the time and cost varies. Basically, the egg is hatched in this step.

  • UI/UX

    Our designing team comes up with multiple designs for your app so you can pick one that looks best from the rest. The design is penned down post discussing the requirement with you. The egg walls now start to become thin and pores become visible. Life inside!

  • Development & Testing

    Once we get your nod on design, our expert team of coders starts their magic of playing with codes to formulate a perfect architecture which is fast, efficient and quick loading. It goes through a series of cross-platforms cross-devices tests. Pores get widened and the beak appears on the egg surface.

  • Deployment

    After multiple testing on various devices and platforms, the food ordering app now is ready to be deployed on the respective platforms. The Android ones are uploaded to the Google Play Store while iOS app goes to the Apple iTunes’ store. Egg walls fall apart, the chick is out and ready to fly.


Depending on the kind of food business you have, get a customized Food Delivery App by the best mobile app builder in India whose features depend on your preferences and target audience. Have a glance on some of our handpicked features from our past Food Apps.

White Label & Customizable

Since we take into account future possibilities and probabilities while developing food delivering apps, our applications are highly customizable and can be easily integrated into larger ecosystems.

Efficiency of time & cost

Since we have the framework ready, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It helps keep the cost down of your app and at the same time, speeds-up the development phas

On-demand expertise

Being into the business from quite some time, we understand the importance of on demand assistance. Our team of experts food delivery app developers are available for prompt support.

In-app, online ordering and mobile payments

For customers who hate to wait at the restaurant table, they can simply book order online and pay through their mobile phones. Apart from the added convenience, users also have an edge of keeping food bills in right order.

Push Notifications

Whenever you have a good deal or are running a special offer, push notifications come in very handy for alerting the user. Instead of the SMS or other means, they are convenient for the user as well provided there is no overdose of it.

Reward points tally

To keep the user motivated and interested in your food products, the reward or loyalty points feature is kept upfront, which keeps him notified about the number of points collected and alerts him when they are enough to be redeemed.

Social Media Incorporation

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your online website or restaurant is through social media. Customers can simply put photographs and review your products online and share with their network on FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

Global Solution

Our smart apps are not confined to a single country; they comply with international quality standards and support most of the global languages without any hiccups.

Technology Stack Behind Our Food Delivery App Development

We understand the need to evolve with time. Thus, we take pride in being among the preferred food delivery app development company due to our innovative and groundbreaking designs and development which are loved by one and all.

A food ordering app can catapult your business to a greater height. Delaying it will only ruin your chances to break the cliché. Ideally to develop an Ubereats clone or Zomato clone, it takes approximately 800-900 hours. Moreover, this time is only for a single platform like iOS. So you can imagine how much it would take for making an app for multiple platforms. Start now because winners begin early.
It is fairly simple. You don’t need to indulge in the tech part. All we need from you is a simple overview of the kind of business you want to do and what you expect as the end result of it. A couple of meetings will be enough to make a blueprint of the app. You can highlight in the meet whether you want to develop an app like Ubereats or a Zomato clone or something else of your choice. You can send us the images to be uploaded in the app. We create your app and give you access to a web page where you can add/delete/modify details in the app from a simple dashboard which does not require any tech knowledge.
Usually it takes a week’s time but it is completely at the discretion of the respective app stores. Generally, Android apps are approved faster than the iOS ones. It is beyond our control; sometimes it takes less than a week while other times it may take a couple of weeks as well.
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