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Our Suite of Services
    Enterprise SEO
    Let us design the enterprise SEO strategists that will help your entire marketing team in gaining more visibility for your website. We have all the tools and the best team under our wings to carry out this procedure.
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Any business with a website online needs SEO. Without proper Search Engine Optimization, the website isn’t going to thrive in this competitive world. We have customized plans to match with every company’s SEO requirement.
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    Local Business SEO
    We will help you in reaching out to your local targeted customers. Our strategies are aligned in a way that your website will be shown in the top search results for the people who are near to your store.
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    PPC Management
    Techingenious has the best PPC strategists’ team with us who will help in designing outstanding PPC campaigns that can be great for conversion. We have a great experience in running PPC campaigns and let us help you with it.
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    Google Maps Marketing
    Let our team out your business on map and help it in reaching out to more number of customers. We will help you in getting listed on the Google maps results.
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    Reputation Management (ORM)
    We will keep an eye on your online reputation and make sure that you always be on the positive side of marketing. Our strategists team is pretty careful in this regard.
What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the only and best strategy that will help any business to gain attention for its website. This process will help in gaining organic traffic for your site and puts it on the top of search results in various browsers.

What This Means for You

Over The Top SEO can transform your business to reach its highest potential with steps that we have mastered over time. We can apply our proven systems on your business too, You might think that you know what SEO really is, but we promise you it’s much, much more than you can even imagine.
We can make your phone ring off its hook and make your website receive relevant traffic even on the toughest online competitive niches using our ninja’s masters degree in SEO and online marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We offer a plethora of digital marketing services for our clients from different businesses.


From youngsters to elderly, there are so many people who use social media these days. We will leverage this and helps in marketing your business on different social media platforms. Our team will work with you for better visibility on social media.


SEO is for long term development, PPC is for immediate boost of your website. Let us design the best PPC campaigns that will prove effective and bring in more traffic for your website.

Video Production

Be it animation or graphical, we are here to take your business directly to customer without any hassle. We design the best videos that are catchy, interesting and attracts more people.


Content is the king and we write the best content that will improve the SEO of your website. We have best content writers in our team who can curate best content for your business without any hassle.


Online reputation is everything for a business and we are here to protect you. Our experts will make sure that you have good reputation online.


Views for a website don’t mean anything unless they turn into conversions and we are here to just do that. Our conversion optimization techniques will surely turn your passive visitors into active ones.


Our team of email marketers have the best tips up their sleeves to send out emails for your targeted audience. Be it newsletters or automated mails, we will help you in sending them out.


There are a lot of websites out in the market and it is not easy to design and develop a website that matches with your business. This is the reason why you have to call us, the experts who will cater to your needs and design the best website.


SEO is the core of any business that is striving for strong online footprint. We will design the best and most successful SEO strategies that will surely help your business and increases its ranking on various search engines.

The Importance of SEO for Your Business.

A website is nothing if it is not optimized properly for the search engine. If you want organic traffic for your website, then it is imperative for you to make it optimized according to the search engine requirements. Each search engine out there has a different requirement yet we will ensure that you get most out of them with ease. Be on top of the search engine results with our strategies.

A Single Average Rating Star in Your Profile Can Mean From 5% to up to 9% difference in revenue
  • 1 Being in the first position of paid advertisements means a 74.81% increased click through rates.
  • 2 Between 80% and 90% of shoppers read online reviews before buying a product.
  • 3 PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.
  • 4 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online.
  • 5 Search Engines are 4 times more effective than Social Media for driving sales and traffic.
  • 6 Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%.
  • 7 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online.
  • 8 8 out of 10 times you would pick an amazing local SEO company over an amazing SEO company.
  • 9 Search Engines alone are responsible for 78% of all website traffic world wide.

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