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What makes us leader in Mobile App Development India?

Our highly experienced mobile app development team; Yes, we have handpicked app developers India who are skilled in developing masterpieces be it designs or codes. They craft apps which are light on eyes and on your mobile storage but work like a gem. Whether you want an iOS, Android or hybrid mobile application, we are sure footed in every category. Above all, you get to work with some of the best mobile app builders in India at affordable prices.

Here’s a quick overview of Techingenious in one go

Our thoughtful approach, innovative strategies and astonishing results make us different from other most mobile app development company in India.

  • Developers
  • Strategists
  • Project Managers
  • Designers
  • QAs
  • Operations
Industries that
we serves
  • Food
  • HealthCare
  • Media
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Travel
  • Start-up
  • Publishing
  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
  • iOT
  • Android Wear
  • tvOS
  • Alexa
  • AR/VR
Our Presence
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Our Mobile App Development Portfolio

Our expert app developers India team of mobile coders is always looking for challenging projects. Plain vanilla is not our taste. We have been consistently delivering high rated apps to our clients spread worldwide. Have a look at some of our phenomenal past work.

Which App maker in India? Leave your rivals in awe

At Techingenious, our top priority is to device a simple yet appealing user-friendly layout which keeps the user engaged with your mobile app for a long time. With simplified functioning and intuitive UI, we command respect among application development companies in India and are a name to reckon with in Mobile App builders in India. Whether its web or Mobile app development India, our team is efficient enough to take on any project and deliver it in fast turnaround time with impeccable quality at affordable cost.
Mobile app designing is not limited to just designing eye-catching buttons, color combination and making icons. It is about how a mobile app user gets connected with your mobile app which turns him into your loyal customer.

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Outstanding features of our mobile apps

A mobile app development company in India which believes that designs & features are not mere for enticing, they have to be functional and make user’s life easy. Our app developers India work tirelessly to blend the combo of efficient UI and UX making us the most preferred App maker in India.

Highly customizable

Since you have just started there would be an array of features that you would want to include over the course of time. The code of our app is easy to customize even for your forthcoming changes.

Efficient time and cost

Since we have the framework ready, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It helps keep the cost down of your app and at the same time, speeds-up the development phase.

Intuitive interface

It’s the rule number one for any app to succeed in the market. It has to have an interface which is flawless and a design which lures its users to keep coming back to it again and again.

Highly Secure

The data of your users is of prime importance. It’s actually an asset that you have built over time. We develop applications which are highly secure and escape most threats.

Cross-platform feasibility

If it works on your android it will work on your friend’s iPhone as well. Our hybrid apps work on both platforms and multiple devices very efficiently.

Super fast loading, high on performance

Nobody loves to wait for that big ‘O’ to keep rotating. Fast is the need of the hour and our fast loading and high on performance apps are just made for those who hate to wait.

Scalable architecture

With the only constant being change, we use such lightweight and scalable architecture which can blend easily with bigger ecosystems and is happy to absorb the new changes you do over time.

Welcomes all payment gateways

Ultimately, the more payment gateways you allow the more are the chances of your app to get successful. All the payment gateways can be easily integrated in our custom made app

Why to choose us for your application development

Hire us if you want to develop an application that keeps users glued to your app for longer durations. We believe in developing apps with clean layouts that appeal to users, build trust factor and are easy to operate. In order to stay in the hunt and dominate the market, you need a dose of techingenous – an acclaimed mobile app development company in India.

mobile app development company India
How an Idea is transformed into a business at Techingenious

Unlike other mobile app development company in India, Techingenious follows a different path. Instead of asking clients what they need in an App, we ask why? Before jumping straight into development we believe in discussing the vision of client. Multiple rounds of meet ensure we both are on the same page right from the start till the end of development. Here’s a snippet of how the cycle goes about.

  • Research
  • Develop
  • Deliver
Technologies We are Working On

Among most of the app developers India, our expertise in diverse technologies has helped us gain extraordinary results for our clients. We understand the need to stay up to date with every tech that’s new. Have a glimpse of the technologies we are aced at.

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Let's connect over a call for a free idea sharing and consulting on your idea. TechIngenious ensures that your product is launched in a high technological manner.

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  1. How to Hire mobile app development company in India.

    As a start-up, it's a hustle in itself to build a team. The mobile app will be the company's face, so it is necessary to pick the best.
    We have summarised the journey; it is a step-by-step process. I hope this would be helpful.

    • You can start surfing through search engines' pages and shortlist a series of the company that you found approachable.
    • Now tighten your seatbelt; it's time for some research and development. Look through the company's website and finalize the top 3 companies which are reliable with their services.
    • Revoke the stalking skills, go through the internet looking for reviews and comments about the company and their work environment.
    • As you have enough information about the company, prepare questions you would want to better understand for accessible communication and agreement.
    • This process would give you a more comprehensive and better picture to make a choice wisely.
    • Other points to keep in mind during the process are price, portfolio, and project quality.
  2. Cost of Mobile app development in India.

    Globally, India is considered to be an affordable market for Mobile app development. In the United States, you would pay $48000 for a simple basic app, whereas in India, you may get the same for $4800. On average, a company spends between $50K - $100K to form a fully functional application with all the necessary features. As there are modifications in the functions and components for the updates and smooth functioning, the price may increase. The cost also differs from various types of company and their services.

    As of 2015, the app developer differs from the software platform. An android developer would charge $26, and An iOS developer would charge $30, whereas X-platform and windows developer would charge $23 and $21, respectively. Considering this amount, we can say that an iOS app would be costing $28000 and an Android app would sum up to $24000. With the building cost, a company should also be aware of the application's monthly maintenance cost. The maintenance cost is between $1.5K - $11K monthly, depending entirely on the usage and number of users.

  3. Technologies we can use in Mobile app development

    The mobile application has become an essential factor of the companies as it is the digital representation. Consumer/Visitor would determine a company’s capability to represent themselves on the Internet and put forward their projects and achievements. There are some standard languages utilized to build mobile applications, and the languages are modified as per the upgraded features. The app also requires regular updates along with innovation and technology.

    The major languages that are used in the industry are as follows:

    • C++

      It is the most straightforward language used to build an application and process the function of the application. Every developer would be very well experienced in the C++ language.

    • HTML5

      HTML allows you to write the coding for a cross–platform application and a web-front application for mobile devices.

    • Java:

      Java is the most popular language to build android applications, and it is a versatile code making the application accessible and user-friendly.

    • Swift:

      If you are looking to enter the App Store, swift is the key to a perfect iOS application. This language allows you to maintain the safety of the data and the security of private information.

    • PHP:

      PHP is the most advanced and straightforward language; it aligns the front end and back end of the application.

  4. FAQ before hiring any app development company in India.

    It is necessary to communicate right with the app development company before you hire them. It would help if you ensured that both of us are aligned working on similar goals and objectives. This will help the developer understand and implement the company's vision and mission in the application. It is vital to send out the message right through the digital platforms as they are the company's image, influencing the consumer base. It must be correct.
    Once you decide to process with the company, go through their site and list all the questions you would like to ask. This will help you trust them and make communication easier. The basic questions you could as for:

    1. How many periods do you take to build an app?
    2. How is the payment divided, and when is it supposed to be paid?
    3. Do you also provide maintenance and regular update to the features?
    4. Do you build and test for the errors?
    5. Would you divide the project following the milestone?
  5. Why choose Techingenious for your next mobile apps development.

    At Techingenious, we prioritize our client's needs and dedicate a team to achieve the goals and objectives. We are a team of skilled and experienced workers working hard to get your imagination into reality with a necessary period. You would be provided with a regular update about the achievement and plan for the coming couple of months. However, the modifications could be done as per the client's comfort. We have a diversified team of developers from C++ to jQuery specializing as a Software engineer. Our developer believes in maintaining transparency with clients and provide a proper division of expense.
    After the client is comfortable with the team and service provided, we proceed to make it official by signing the contract stating every information shared by the company to build the website will be confidential and full ownership of the code would be given at the end of the project. We understand your concern concerning security. After completing the milestone, the developer would also demonstrate the sample of the application.

    To build a strong and loyal consumer base, we will be focusing on the following terms.

    • Knowledgeable team
    • Transparency
    • Communication skills
    • Code Ownership
    • Delivery on time
    • Client relationship management